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Health Check: the All-New COVID-19 PCR & Vitamin D Tests

Sarah Vordermeier

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Health is wealth: If there is anything the last year has taught us, it’s this. As many of us endeavor to improve our health this year, cerascreen is bringing you and your loved ones more opportunities for those all-important health checks – within the comfort of your own home! 

With constantly improving state-of-the-art lab and diagnostic technology  – and especially with the current pandemic placing our health systems under strain – self-tests are becoming more and more attractive and insightful. Waiting times and consultation fees are reduced and face-to-face contact with a physician is avoided. You can take tests at your own convenience at home and receive detailed results and insights into your health within a matter of days.

This is why cerascreen is excited to announce the launch of two new self-test kits: the Coronavirus Home Test (PCR) and the Vitamin D Test. So, let’s have a look at the two new additions to cerascreen’s product range.

The cerascreen® Coronavirus Home Test (PCR)

You may well have already heard of a PCR test – it’s a term that has been in circulation for several months now. This test serves as a quick way to identify a COVID-19 infection – or to prove that there is no infection present.

PCR stands for “polymerase chain reaction” and is a method that laboratories use to multiply millions to billions of a single bit of DNA to study in detail. The process may sometimes take just a few hours to complete. In the context of the current coronavirus pandemic, the PCR test is being used every day nationwide to detect active coronavirus infection in various people.

If you suspect you may have COVID-19, or you would like to confirm that you have no coronavirus infection, the cerascreen Coronavirus Home Test (PCR) means you can take a saliva swab test within the comfort of your own home.


PCR health check kit for COVID

Benefits of the Coronavirus Home Test:

  • FDA-approved P23 labs promise high accuracy of results
  • The test detects the latest-known COVID-19 mutations and variants
  • Save time and risk of infection by taking the test at home
  • Lab analysis and return shipping costs are included

Work from home, test from home: Order your cerascreen PCR test online! 

FAQs about the PCR test

How reliable is the test for COVID-19?

Not all COVID-19 tests on the market are reliable, and false negatives are possible. The PCR test, which is analyzed in a medical laboratory to an approved medical and scientific standard, is deemed the most accurate way of detecting COVID-19. It is the same standard used by hospitals.  

How long does it take to get results for a COVID-19 diagnostic test?

Those who take the cerascreen Coronavirus Home Test receive their results within 24 to 72 hours after the sample has arrived in the lab.

What’s the difference between a PCR test and an antigen test for COVID-19?

According to the FDA, here are the main differences between the coronavirus PCR and antigen tests.

PCR test Antigen test
Also known as a diagnostic test, molecular test, NAAT test, LAMP test Also known as a diagnostic test
Nasopharyngeal, nasal or throat swab, or saliva sample Nasalpharyngeal or nasal swab
Results are available up to a week after the swab is taken – sometimes on the same day, depending on the location Results are often available within 15 to 30 minutes after the swab is taken
Highly accurate test, usually does not need to be repeated Usually highly accurate, but false positives are possible; negative results may need to be confirmed with a PCR test if you have COVID-19 symptoms

Please note: The PCR test is intended for diagnosing active COVID-19 infection; an antibody test is used to see if you have had a COVID-19 infection in the past and have thus developed antibodies to protect you from future infection. People who have been vaccinated for COVID-19 will also have antibodies present in their bodies. An antibody test is furthermore taken by blood sample, unlike the PCR or antigen tests.

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The cerascreen® Vitamin D Test

Some vitamin and mineral deficiencies manifest themselves with visible symptoms, such as vitamin C. Vitamin D deficiency, however, cannot be felt – so to speak – which is why a vitamin D health check is crucial to carry out on a regular basis, all year round – especially if you belong to one of the risk groups for vitamin D deficiency.

A vitamin D test is carried out by taking a blood sample. It tells us whether our vitamin D levels are at a normal level. Keeping your vitamin D levels in check – particularly during the winter – is paramount, as vitamin D deficiency can lead to various illnesses and conditions down the road, such as osteomalacia and osteoporosis. Studies have furthermore indicated that optimal vitamin D levels can additionally boost your immune system, mood, and your skin.

health check kit for vitamin D deficiency

Benefits of the Vitamin D Test

  • The health check is quick and only takes a few minutes
  • You can perform the test within the comfort of your own home
  • No waiting times or doctor’s appointments are necessary
  • Labs are ISO 9001- and EN ISO 13485-certified
  • Receive a personalized and detailed results report telling you about your vitamin D levels, how to optimize them, and why it’s important to maintain healthy vitamin D levels

Test your vitamin D levels from home with our all-new vitamin D blood test!

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Did you know that ongoing studies are investigating possible links between vitamin D deficiency and the severity of a COVID-19 infection? With self-tests such as the PCR test and vitamin D test, you can be confident that you are being proactive about your health and well-being.

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