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Gut Health: What Is a Healthy Gut?

Luisa Kindinger

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What is a healthy gut? Hardly any organ has received as much attention in recent years as the gut: Researchers are finding more and more links between our gut, what we eat, which bacteria can be found in our gut and how we feel physically and mentally.

These links are simply down to the fact that our intestine, which can span over seven yards long, is not only responsible for absorbing our food but also for producing hormones, fending off pathogens and regulating our fluid balance.

Mental well-being is also closely linked to our gut health: If you are unwell or under stress, this can lead to stomach or digestive issues. Conversely, our guts and gut bacteria can heavily influence our mental health.

Read insightful articles about the the importance of our gut and the complex links between nutrition, our intestines, and physical and mental health. You can also learn how to boost your gut health on a daily basis.

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