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What Is Anatomy: Topics about the Human Body

Moritz Jaax

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What is anatomy? The human body is truly a miracle of nature –  made up of bones and joints, blood, hormones, messenger substances, and much more. Not to mention your DNA, which forms the blueprint for all processes taking place in our bodies.

It is only because all our anatomy and genetics that we can think, move, and perceive the world while our bodies constantly fight off pathogens, pump blood through our veins and digest the food we eat.

If you are concerned about your health, you should take a better look at what happens inside your body. Because understanding your own body helps you live more in harmony with it and give it the support it needs.

In our Health Portal, you will find a lot of fascinating insights into about how specific processes in your body work. For a closer look into the stomach, intestines, and digestion, check out our articles on gut health!

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