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Illnesses: symptoms and diseases

Moritz Jaax

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What is illness? In medicine, a disease is when when physical or mental functions are disrupted to such an extent that your well-being or performance suffers as a result.

We cannot talk about health here in our Health Portal without talking about diseases. After all, the prevention and treatment of diseases make up a healthy lifestyle. That is why we have scientifically researched and described various diseases for you here, from causes and symptoms to treatment – and with many interesting and useful facts. Of course, it is always important to ask yourself How can I prevent diseases with a healthy lifestyle?”

Here you will find our articles on diseases and symptoms.

Blood and Lymphatic System

Cardiovascular System

Infectious Diseases

Bone and Joint Diseases

Metabolism Disorders

You can find information on other diseases and digestive disorders in our categories Allergies and Intolerances and Gut Health, among others.

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