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Becoming a cerascreen® Business Partner

Do your clients want to optimize their health and fitness, recover faster, or sleep better? Find out what your customers need by gaining insights into their body health.

With cerascreen®, you receive the exact support you need to give your customers tailor-made recommendations – whether it’s for optimizing health, regeneration, or structured training tips. cerascreen® has developed medical self-tests that quickly and easily reveal insights into how nutrition and lifestyle affect the body and which special needs your customers may have.

The tests are easy and quick to perform. They can be done at home, in the office, or in the gym. The sample is then analyzed in one of our certified diagnostics laboratories. After a few days, you will receive a comprehensive evaluation as well as individual recommendations through your personal online customer account. 

cerascreen® offers a wide range of services: from vitamin tests and blood sugar tests to hormone tests. With the help of blood, saliva, and urine tests, existing symptoms can be clarified or vitamin, mineral, and hormone levels can be checked.

Why You Should Partner Up with Cerascreen®

  • cerascreen®’s diagnostics offers you measurable progress
  • Be part of human diagnostics – i.e. the future of customer care in personal training, nutritional counselling, and the alternative-medicine sector
  • Benefit from using laboratory values for structured recommendations on nutrition and supplement plans and lifestyle changes
  • Be part of the cerascreen® Affiliate Program (emails, newsletter, social media, homepage links, online shop, etc.)
  • cerascreen®’s diagnostics supports the additional sale of nutritional supplements
  • Have a strong partner at your side with cerascreen: not only a nutrition and diagnostics expert but also an online marketing expert
  • Enjoy lectures and training courses as a business partner
  • We offer support with events (workshops, seminars, competitions)
  • We sponsor professional and ambitious athletes
  • Benefit from special conditions for all cerascreen tests


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