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15 Good reasons to work for cerascreen

    1. You can actively help shape the digitalization of the health branch.
    2. You learn something new every day and can improve in leaps and bounds.
    3. You help people protect and improve their health every day.
    4. You work in one of the best cities in the world.
    5. You work in a fast-growing health startup (FOCUS Growth Champion 2020)
    6. You are responsible for your own exciting projects.
    7. You work together closely with experts from the following fields: research and development, human resources, software development, online marketing, product development, manufacturing engineering, strategy development, and sports science.
    8. Fresh fruit and vegetables.
    9. You can take cerascreen tests for free.
    10. You get a discount on all supplements from the cerascreen web shop.
    11. Enjoy flexible working hours.
    12. You have the opportunity to work from home.
    13. You will work in an international team with colleagues from more than 10 different countries.
    14. You will receive company contribution to your retirement.
    15. Receive massages in-house from a licensed massage therapist, with costs partially covered by cerascreen.


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