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Your Health Is Our Highest Priority!

At cerascreen®, we want you and your loved ones to stay healthy. This motive shapes and drives our selection of supplements. All new products get examined meticulously to make sure they meet our high quality standards. Our nutrition experts make sure that the supplements are produced sensibly, only clean ingredients are used, and the manufacturers are trustworthy. That’s why only the best supplements make it into our shop – for you and your health!

What it Takes to be a cerascreen® Partner Brand

Our supplements are sourced from partners that we select based on our strict quality criteria. We work with some of the most reputable brands in the industry, that are trusted by customers nationwide and beyond. All of our partner brands provide the transparency that we deem necessary to guarantee the quality of the ingredients and manufacturing processes.

Our Quality Criteria

1. High Quality Ingredients

The ingredients and composition of each supplement get examined meticulously. This is how we make sure that only beneficial ingredients are used and the supplement is safe for consumption.

2. Permitted Substance List

Our team follows clear guidelines on which ingredients are allowed to be used in our supplements – and which ones are not!

3. Legal Guidelines

We make sure that all supplements comply with the valid regulations on dietary and nutritional supplements, for example with regards to ingredients and labeling.

4. Certificates

We don’t only examine our supplements ourselves – they also get examined, rated and certified by trustworthy third party laboratories.

5. Scoring System

We systematically rate supplements and manufacturers internally, using a scoring system. This way our team of scientists makes sure only the best products make our shop.

Our Supplement Experts


Sebastian Tok

Nutritional Sciences, BSc
Sebastian Tok has completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Applied Sciences Münster, where he studied nutritional sciences. He currently studies food science for his masters degree at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg. He works at cerascreen as an expert on international dietary supplements.

Tanja Heise

Nutritional Sciences, BSc
Tanja Heise is a knowledgeable nutrition scientist and one of our experts on dietary supplements and nutrition. Her passion for sports and fitness is her main drive to expand on her knowledge on nutrition and health, both professionally and in her free time.

Aaron Jöcker

Nutritional Sciences, BSc
Aaron Jöcker has completed his undergraduate degree in nutritional sciences in 2018 at the University of Applied Sciences Münster and currently studies food science in Hamburg on a graduate level. He specialises in innovative dietary supplements and nutrition and has a deep passion for strength and hypertrophy training.

Our Dietary Badges

100% VEGAN
Soy free
Manufactured in cGMP facility
Dairy free
No added sugars
Lactose free products do not contain the milk sugar lactose. Either naturally lactose free ingredients have been used or the lactose has been broken down to smaller sugar molecules.
A product is 100% vegan if no ingredients of animal origin have been used. All stages of production and processing also have to forego the use of ingredients of animal origin (including additives, carriers, flavors and enzymes)
Products with this seal are made without grains that contain gluten, including wheat, oats, spelt, rye, barley, green spelt and kamut.
A product is vegetarian if no meat, fish or by-products of animal slaughter have been used as an ingredient and/or during the production and processing process (including additives, carriers, flavors and enzymes).
The Organic seal is a quality-control and verification label used to identify products made from organically farmed ingredients. If manufacturers meet specific requirements, they are allowed to use the Organic seal on their products.
The labeled products do not contain any colorings and preservatives.
Products with this seal do not contain any additives. Additives are compounds added to foods and nutritional supplements to change their consistency or achieve a specific effect. They can, for example, change the taste or improve the shelf life of a product.
Products with this seal contain a high dose of one or more nutrients. To prevent consuming too much of a nutrient, please limit your consumption to the recommended intake.
Genetic engineering is a process that artificially alters the genome of an organism. Products with this label do not contain genetically modified organisms and use no GMOs in their manufacturing.
The HACCP system ensures that the processing of a food product includes monitoring and prevention for biological, chemical, and physical hazards. Products labeled as HACCP-compliant guarantee you a product that is safe from a food hygiene point of view.
Sustainable production aims to conserve nature's ability to restore itself. Manufacturers use sustainable packaging to mitigate the social, environmental, and economic effects of the packaging material.
Animal testing occurs when scientific experiments are performed on and with living animals. These experiments aim to lay foundational research and develop new medical therapies. For products with this seal, no animal testing has been used, which makes them cruelty-free.
Natural ingredients originate from naturally occurring produce. They are processed carefully to ensure their properties are only changed marginally.
Products with this label contain marine-sourced ingredients from sustainable fishing. To receive the MSC and Friends Of The Sea Label, the fish used has to originate from a stable fish population, the marine ecosystem has to be kept intact, and the by-catch of endangered species has to be avoided. The ASC has set specific regulations regarding farmed fish to regulate their living conditions and the water quality.
Allergens are substances that trigger an allergic reaction of the immune system in a person suffering from an allergy. The tagged products are free of all 16 allergens that are subject to labeling. These 16 allergens trigger most allergic reactions: Gluten-containing grains (wheat, oats, spelt, rye, barley, and others), crustaceans and crustacean products, eggs and egg products, fish and fish products, peanuts and peanut products, soy and soy products, milk and milk products, nuts and nut products, celery and celery products, mustard and mustard products, Sesame seeds and sesame products, sulfur dioxide and sulfites with a concentration of more than 10 mg/kg or 10mg/l labeled as SO2, lupin and lupin products, mollusks and mollusk products.
Products with the FAIRTRADE label meet specific criteria to ensure that manufacturers treat their workers fairly. These include the ban of child labor, compliance with certain working conditions, minimum wage, and ecological standards, like the ban of pesticides.
Bioavailability is the percentage share of a nutrient that gets absorbed into the bloodstream and affects the body. Products with high bioavailability are fast-acting, which can be seen as advantageous.
Products with this label are checked for quality and effectiveness by our trained health and nutrition scientists.
Labelled products have been produced in the European Union.
The labeled products are free of soy.
For products manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), the production process and environment are subject to established FDA quality assurance guidelines to ensure product quality.
The labeled products do not contain an ingredient derived from any component of mammal milk.
No sugar has been added to the product, nor any food with a sweetening effect. All mono- and disaccharides are considered as sugar here.

Our Experience

Our supplement team has already evaluated hundreds of products and implemented them into our shop. We look forward to making our customers happy every day by supplying them with high quality supplements, vitamins, protein powders, healthy foods and much more. Let’s stay happy and healthy together!

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