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cerascreen for your best health

Balance your gut and immune system, regulate your hormones, sleep better, feel better, be better. cerascreen focuses on your health, so you can get back to the important things, like family, friends and enjoying life!

cerascreen for fitness fans

Unlock your full potential with cerascreen’s personalized recommendations.

Achieve your specific health and fitness goals with a perfectly coordinated diet and supplement regimen, whether it’s enhanced performance and power, healing injuries and ailments, or just finding a better quality of life. cerascreen makes it possible.

cerascreen for employees

Help your employees take control of their own health, and scale your corporate screening for wellness programs and insurance. 

Employees benefit from the convenience of cerascreen at-home screening and testing, and everyone benefits from improved health outcomes like long-lasting health, optimal performance, and fewer sick days.

Not to mention, the cerascreen platform integrates seamlessly with your existing corporate wellness programs.

cerascreen for COVID-19

Keep your business open and employees operating safely during COVID-19. 

cerascreen offers inexpensive, at-home testing kits (PCR and rapid) for the detection of COVID-19. Scale your testing capabilities with lab-certified tests and reliable results.