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Women's Health

Women's Health Topics

It is no secret that women live longer than men. Of course, we know that medical advances in women's health have had a part to play in this; however, there is still a lot we don't know about the gender gap in health.

Experts have looked into this phenomenon by studying how biological, behavioral, and environmental factors impact women's health. The female advantage in terms of health has also been explained by the differences in hormones, such as estrogen levels, which affect - for example - weight gain, mood, and skin health.

So, while women's health has been a complex topic for years, there's nothing new about regularly boosting and checking your health. We'll help you identify deficiencies as well as recommend actions you can take to feel at the top of your game! With our home test kits, you can check various vitamin, mineral, and hormone levels - and as a result, optimize your health and well-being.

Ferritin Test for Women

Ferritin Test

Iron Levels are important for Women's Health

Women are especially prone to an iron deficiency – during menstruation and particularly during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

  • examines your current ferritin (iron) levels
  • prevent iron deficiency anemia in the long term
  • receive information about symptoms: tiredness, paleness, dry skin, brittle nails, frequent infections
  • benefit from recommendations on nutrition and iron supplements

Test your Iron Levels
Vitamin D Test for Women

Vitamin D Test

Test Your 25-OH-D3 Levels

Vitamin D is important for healthy hair and teeth, and in numerous other ways related to women's health.

  • examines your current vitamin D3 levels
  • receive information on how vitamin D deficiency can cause fatigue and muscle weakness, among other things
  • discover how to improve your bone health and immune system
  • learn about whether you would benefit from taking vitamin D supplements

Test your Vitamin D Levels
Women's Supplements

Supplements for Women

Are you suffering from symptoms such as poor mood, fatigue, hair loss, dull skin, or brittle nails? You need look no further for a solution to these common problems. Our experts have hand-picked high-quality supplements for women for you to boost your health and vitality. Our product range includes everything from vitamin D and iron supplements to vitamins for menopause and protein powder for women - visit our Women's Health collection for all relevant products.

Supplements for Women

Women's Health Care

Keeping You Informed About Your Health

cerascreen® prides itself on finding the solution when it comes to women's health. Home test kits are a great way to keep your health in check - especially when it is not as easy to visit your doctor in person. Such self-tests mean you can take blood or saliva samples within the comfort of your own home - whenever suits you best. After sending off your sample, you will receive a comprehensive results report that explains where your health is at and what you can do to further boost your vitality.

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