About cerascreen®

About cerascreen About cerascreen

About cerascreen®

cerascreen® offers health diagnostics, advice, and care from a single source. Test yourself easily, conveniently, and quickly from home by following the simple steps in our test kits.

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Why cerascreen®?

In our health portal you will find reliable and easy to understand information on everything relating to health, nutrition, and fitness.
Our evidence-based articles and test results are researched and published by experienced scientific writers.

This Is How Our Tests Work

  • 1

    Easy Sample Collection

    Following the simple steps outlined in our test kit, collect your sample easily from home.

  • 2

    Analysis & Evaluation

    Using the provided return shipping label, send your sample for professional testing in a certified lab.

  • 3

    Detailed Results Report

    Within days you’ll receive a detailed results report, which will simply and clearly outline your test result.

  • 4

    Helpful Support

    If you have questions during sample collection or while reviewing your results, we’re here to help!

What Our Test

Kits Consist Of

What Our Test Consists Of What Our Test Consists Of

What Our Test

Kits Consist Of

  • A multi-page, illustrated instruction booklet, which explains the blood collection and the test procedure step by step
  • An activation card with test ID, allowing you to register and see your test results at my.cerascreen.com
  • Depending on the sample method: Alcohol swab, band-aid, lancets, sample collection card, gauze pad
  • Bio-hazard bag and prepaid return envelope that you can use to mail your sample back to our laboratory free of charge

Coaching from Nutritionional Experts

Coaching from Nutritionional Experts Coaching from Nutritionional Experts
Your individual results report reveals meaningful insights and actionable recommendations for your personal health. If you wish further information or have questions, we offer you to consult with our partner nutritionist free of charge. During this 15 minute phone call a nutritional expert explains the results of your home health test and advises about health & wellbeing. To make use of this exclusive offer, simply follow the link in your results report.